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Monday, January 21, 2013

Grade Book Programs

There are many grade book programs available.  Which is the best?  The answer to this question depends on the teacher and what he or she needs.  I recently researched grade book programs after my school district adopted a program that didn't meet my needs.  I thought I should share what I found (as of December 2012):

Thinkwave Many college professors recommend this program.  It is free for the ad supported version, and is very powerful.  With power comes more complexity.  If you don't mind the ads and want something complex for free, this may be your best bet.

Class Action Gradebook  This program is used mostly by elementary and secondary teachers.  As of this post, it costs $39 for an individual license (forever!).  This is not a web based program.  If you want the "web service" add-on it is $18 per year.

Power Teacher Pearson School Systems owns this program.  It is a RIA (Rich Internet Application).  It runs from a web browser and therefore does not require any download to your computer.  I could not find a price on the web site.  There is a "Yes I'm Interested, Contact Me" option.  Hmm, makes me wonder.

Gradekeeper Great inexpensive program for non-online use.  An individual license is only $20 (again, forever!).  You can send email progress reports, and can post grades online through some other grade book software, such as Edline (part of Easy Grade Pro, see below).

Easy Grade Pro This is now owned by Blackboard Engage.  The software must be downloaded to your computer, put runs through the Internet.  I know two teachers that love this software and as of this post date would not consider using anything else. The cost is $48.

Engrade Web based and does not download to your computer.  Click the demo on the web page.  This is a very simple program and it's free.  I have been using this program for two weeks now.  So far, so good!

Gradebook Softeware Guide An A to Z list of grade book programs.  It may need updating.  I selected Grade Quick (now owned by Blackboard Engage), and it went to a web page that has two links - one to Grade Quick and one to Easy Grade Pro.  The Grade Quick link was a dead end.

Whatever you are looking for in a grade book program you can find what you need with demos and reviews online.  I hope this short list helps you get started.  :-)

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